Announcing the publication of Ms. Aligned 1

coverMs. Aligned is now available as an ebook in PDF (ISBN 978-1-329-97077-9) from; price is $4.99. Warmest thanks go to SEED IDEAS, a unit of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, for helping to make this project possible.

The poems and stories and conversations in Ms. Aligned pay homage to the complex relationships between men and women. The female perspectives presented here—male creations/female creators—dissect, prod, query, challenge, validate, negotiate, and, ultimately, emancipate the gender boundaries that we otherwise take for granted. The effect is a wonderful loosening of the physical world, of our selves.—Samrat Upadhyay

The writings in Ms. Aligned are, in the original sense of the word, astonishing — yes, they surprise us, but they also stun, bewilder, and dismay. Whatever the best expectations for such a collection may be, this one lives up to them. And more important, it exceeds them.—Hayan Charara



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