Contents for Ms. Aligned 1



We Should Die of the Roar I (first half of a diptych) by Melissa Chimera

Papers 1 and 2 by Naomi Long Eagleson

Omar’s Burmese Python on Fry Street (cover) by Kate Joyce

Front Matter

Editor’s Note by Pat Matsueda


Isn’t It All about Gender?  by Sukrita Paul Kumar


Drafts of Robert McHenry by Mary Archer

Landscape Painting and Earth to Mars by Naomi Long Eagleson

What you don’t see, The thing, Pursuit, Neighbor by Astha Gupta

Via de Guadalupe by Gerda Govine Ituarte

The Last Elegy by Adele Ne Jame

Because We Need Evidence by Connie Pan

Story and Variations by Judith Roche

Leviticus and Visitation by Hope Wabuke


Metal Man by Sion Dayson

Sure Fire by Pat Matsueda

Beneath a Country Sky and Big Night Out by Angela Nishimoto

Night Fishing by Connie Pan

Hyperthymesia by Eman Quotah

Joaquim by Phyllis Gray Young


Character Driven: A Conversation by Perle Besserman and Pat Matsueda

An All-American Tomboyhood by Sheyene Foster Heller

Familiar Fruit by Cassandra Lane


Beloved Men by Kristiana Kahakauwila

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