Contents for Ms. Aligned 2


Image (front cover) by Súa Agapé

Front Matter

Foreword by Jill McCabe Johnson

Preface by Connie Pan and Rebecca Thomas

Introduction by Kristiana Kahakauwila


Death of Blossom Girl by Mary Archer

Metal Man by Sion Dayson

Gardenia by Amy Holwerda

The Blue Medium by Lillian Howan

The Patron Saint of Exits by Connie Pan

Spring Training by Rebecca Thomas


Sasquatch in Love by Emily Benton

Veteran and I Love When by Gerda Govine Ituarte

My Friend Looks at the Horizon by Pat Matsueda

Grief, a Revolving Landscape and A Deadly Embrace by Adele Ne Jame

Start with Mustard by Angela Nishimoto

Because We Need Evidence by Connie Pan

The Fisherman’s Son by Shelly Rodrigue


Day of Venus by Cassandra Lane

Excerpts from “Sex Education: A Tragicomedy of Seven Years” by Angela Nishimoto